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Friday, September 02, 2011

Fifth Place

Junior heifer calf...Fonda Fair...Bling

No complaints. The competition is fierce at Fonda and there are a lot of nice cattle at the show this year despite the flood. Congratulations to everyone who made it possible for there to be a fair this year and to all the exhibitors who dared.


Terry and Linda said...

WONDERFUL! And for me...Bling is a beauty!


The crows are back and so are the ravens. Although, they don't really leave they don't come to the farm in flocks like the do in the fall. Fall is here.

Ed Winkle said...

Nice blog! Just stumbled across it, we farm in Ohio and my wife is from Upstate New York.

threecollie said...

Thanks, Linda, although it is really hard to take home a blue ribbon from our fair, she got a lot of attention. Now if Liz can just keep her growing for next year.

Ed, thanks so much for visiting! Where did your wife grow up?