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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sunday Stills...Birdstalking

Gold Finch...slightly moth eaten from the molt 
Song Sparrow

Tufted titmouse, om nom nom

It is early to see much here, at least by the calendar. We don't even have a woodcock yet.
 I wanted to get up to the landfill where the Canada geese nest right next to the road and challenge cars willy nilly. Much too busy though so this is what was hanging around the yard this week.

For more Sunday Stills......

Song Sparrow


Anonymous said...

aww they are cute little birds

Anonymous said...

Nice captures. :)

Ed said...

Great shots, we need more finches back at the homestead..:-)

Janice said...

They look like they were waiting for you. Good job.

Shirley said...

Tough challenge wasn't it? Our goldfinches are starting to get their spring color too.

MTWaggin said...

Nice job and don't worry, the birds will be arriving soon enough. I like the tufted titmouse and hope you can show us more of those too!

Terry and Linda said...

Cool! You are really good at bird photos!!!


Linda said...

Our Goldfinches won't be back for a while. I would have found it tough this week too for some reason...geese, crows and sparrows and all of them far away:(

Crystal said...

Cute little birds, that goldfinch sure isnt that gold yet, but I can see it peeking out

Caroline said...

Moth-eaten is exactly the description I used for the goldfinches here too.

Anonymous said...

beautiful and cute birdys :)

threecollie said...

Cloe, thanks!

dibear, thanks, I wanted to go to NJ with Alan and take some waterfowl pics down there but he got started too late for me to make it home for milking.

Ed, thanks, we don't have very many this year either, a hand full of golds, no house and no purple...sad

Janice, thanks, the gold finches are very bold and reluctant to fly off the feeder even if I walk up close

Shirley, it was!! Usually I can get out to a local pond or the landfill for some good shots but we are so busy with spring stuff there was just no way

MT, thanks, I try with the titmice, but they are very flighty and timid.

Linda, thanks, they are giving me a hard time this spring!

Linda, I couldn't believe it! I set out early in the week confident I could find something good and I just...didn't

Chrystal, thanks, he was a brave little guy and just wanted to eat whether I was there or not.

Caroline, it won't be long before they are bright as buttercups! lol

henry, thanks!

Cathy said...

We were supposed to go birding Sunday with two other couples. They're newbies with new binoculars and anxious to get underway.

The weather went south so I invited them in to watch The Big Year. Got 'em all excited. Enjoyable movie.

Firas said...

nice shots!