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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Agvocacy..Worth the Effort

You know I'm nuts about you, right?

Dairy Carrie has placed a challenge to farm bloggers and tweeters to post about the topic above.

Is agvocacy, the practice of farmers both advocating for their businesses and explaining they whys and wherefores of what they do, worth the time and effort?

My answer would be a resounding 'you betcha'! The best antidote to contrived videos of alleged cruelty and hackneyed catch phrases like "factory farming" is to open a dialog with our customers and let them in on our world. Talk to them every day about what is happening on our farms and ranches and give honest explanations of farm activities. 

As I have read many times, it isn't about education, it is about communication. Not everyone wants to go back to school, but pretty much all of us love to chat, whether it is face to face over the back fence, at the coffee shop, or in our kitchens, thousands of miles apart geographically, but as close as the next heartbeat in our minds.

I suppose it could be considered a chore to sit down at the keyboard every day to "visit" with a bunch of wonderful folks like the ones I have "met" through Northview Diary. (And thank you all for visiting and commenting on the things that take your interest.) However to me it has become one of the greatest pleasures in my day.

And at least on a couple of occasions folks who visit regularly have set a person or two straight on one farming issue or another......

So, yeah, it sure is worth it.


Earl said...

One of the best features of the internet and curiosity, the link possible to the truth, unfiltered by professional snake oil salesmen, although there is nothing really wrong with great salesmen.

Keep writing, reading, linking and sharing.... and loving. Ya'betcha!

threecollie said...

Earl, so cool that you should comment, at this exact moment. I just finished telling the boss how much I have learned about the realities of history, war, and politics from reading what you write each day. Your experience gives your opinions a great deal of weight in my mind....He was asking for a reminder of your name when he saw your photograph from your big trip on the front of the fridge.

Kristine said...

It absolutely is worth it. One of the reasons I enjoy reading your blog - and all blogs - is because I have so much to learn about so many different things. I'm not going to pick up a book on dairy farming but I enjoy reading about the subject from someone's point of view. It provides a great insider's perspective into a world I knew nothing about.

Terry and Linda said...

I need a like button here! I'll bet you would get MANY likes just for this post alone! WELL SAID!


Cathy said...

"Not everyone wants to go back to school, but pretty much all of us love to chat . . "

Perfect. 'Ya'betcha!' :)

June said...

There IS "factory farming," is there not? Not so much around here, but in the huge spreads in the west? One of the things that I do like about small family farms is that you know your cows personally, names and all.
Monsanto, on the other hand, worries me.

threecollie said...

Kristine, I love learning about how other folks do things too. Thanks for visiting!

Linda, thanks!

Cathy, sure do love 'visiting' across the Net. lol

June, eh, there are certainly big farms and small farms. They are pretty much all driven by the same goals though-to make a living doing something the farm family loves. 97% or more of ALL farms are family owned. Some are run with many employees and more animals than others, but most times that isn't a bad thing. For example some of the large farms have resident veterinarians on call all the time to take care of sick animals. that sure isn't the case with smaller ones. Although i personally prefer the way we work things, farms the size of ours couldn't begin to supply the needs of the whole country.