Monday, October 15, 2012

Backyard and Barnyard Spring Summer 2012

1)       Red-tailed hawk
2)       American kestrel
3)       Turkey vulture
4)       Coopers hawk
5)       Sharp-shinned hawk
6)       Blue Jay
7)       Common crow
8)       Northern flicker
9)       Downy woodpecker
10)   Hairy woodpecker
11)   Chipping sparrow
12)   White-crowned sparrow
13)   Song sparrow
14)   House sparrow
15)   Brown-headed cowbird
16)   Red-winged blackbird
17)   Baltimore oriole
18)   Common grackle
19)   Mallard duck
20)   Canada goose
21)   Common merganser
22)   Great blue heron
23)   Spotted sandpiper
24)   American turkey
25)   Barn swallow
26)   Tree swallow
27)   Chimney swift
28)   Ruby-throated hummingbird
29)   Black-capped chickadee
30)   Tufted titmouse
31)   White-breasted nuthatch
32)   Rose-breasted grosbeak
33)   Northern cardinal
34)   Grey catbird
35)   American robin
36)   Eastern kingbird
37)   Indigo bunting
38)   House wren
39)   Cedar waxwing
40)   Northern mockingbird
41)   Killdeer
42)   Wood thrush
43)   Purple finch
44)   House finch
45)   American goldfinch
46)   Common yellowthroat
47)   Yellow warbler
48)   Eastern phoebe
49)   Willow flycatcher
50)   Great crested flycatcher
51)   Rock pigeon
52)   European starling
53)   Ring-billed gull
54)   Blue-headed vireo
55)   Magnolia warbler
56) Brown thrasher
57) Mourning dove

No exciting rarities here. Birds were seen or heard either from our house, house yard or barnyard. As we overlook a river and are surrounded by woods, pastures and assorted brushy habitats, there are plenty of opportunities. Perhaps the birds we missed are more notable than the ones we saw. Every time I saw a bald eagle I had the puppy on the leash, no binoculars, couldn't get a positive. No pileated woodpeckers until the first day of fall, now they are all over the place. Thought we saw a Merlin several times, always too fast to be sure. 

***Update 2017. Check out the Lincoln's Sparrow, which I didn't recognize back then. Hung out all summer right next to the back door! We are south of their summering range, but I guess they liked it here.

Many birds were seen back in the field, such as Northern harriers, which generally nest here and bluebirds, ditto. Didn't count because they were outside my area.

And so it goes. I wasn't going to count fall and winter this year, but birds abound. Can't resist. Already at 19 and only started a day or so ago.


Susan Liber said...

wow!! I have seen the bald eagles. One flew right over me as I crossed the bridge from work to home. It couldn't have been more than 10 feet above the van. Very exciting.

Terry and Linda said...



Cathy said...

Do you have any idea how many of us would settle happily for your " no rarities" perch ?


I'm wondering if you've ever heard the rufous-sided towhee's "Drink your tea-hee-hee".

They're shy, but I'll bet you've had them around.

threecollie said...

Susan, that is really cool! They drove me nuts this summer. Other season I have been sitting in my Sunday chair and had them fly right past the window, close enough to see their feathers. This year I KNOW they were around, but always spiraling just at the edge of vision, way, way up in the sky. Binoculars needed and I simply never had them with me at the right time. Oh, well, maybe I'll "get" one this winter

Linda, I keep thinking of birds I left off the list. I may get to 60 yet. lol

Cathy, wish you could sit on the porch with me someday...or walk along the long lawn.. I have only ever seen towhees at one time, back when I worked at the animal hospital when I was a kid. Saw them all the time back then, and never, ever since. Don't know why. Thank you btw for the ID on the blue-headed vireo. Would have missed him without you.

Cathy said...

Oh I'd love to walk along with you and just drink in the flora, fauna, the sounds of country, river and highway. Towhee's are shy and not predictable singers , , but once you've heard one - you'll always know it and can therefore add it to your list even not having seen it.
I think my keyboard is bowing. I watched the debate and am so hyped up I've taken an ambien to sleep/ Things are looking a little weird.. Better hit the pillow. Nitie nite.

threecollie said...

Cathy, Wouldn't it be cool! I often think of you when I am out wandering about looking and listening. I will give the towhee call some serious listening and see if I am hearing them. I do listen intently several times a day so maybe I will recognize the call after I hear it. Thanks!