Saturday, October 27, 2012

Darn You Bambi

C'mon Marge, the coast is clear

The boss is pretty sure the Amish are coming on our posted land to hunt. This probably means the deer herd is getting thinned, fast, hard, and out of season.

I see you, but you don't scare me a bit

It also means that such deer as are still standing upright have moved to the house and environs.

Om, nom, nom, if you used weed killer on your lawn I wouldn't find all these goodies to eat

It also means, although perhaps not through direct cause and effect, that we are overrun with ticks. These photos were taken from the back porch, midday. I hooted and hollered and made silly talk while banging the wall to try to get some action shots.

None of them did more than lift their heads while chewing whatever that is that they are eating.

Then Alan ran after them like a wolf.

Run away!!!!

Then they got shifting. Don't they realize that while obeying the law of the land and waiting for season to open, we DO like venison?


Woodswalker said...

I've heard that opossums, because they are super-efficient groomers, are very good at hoovering up and destroying ticks. Would opossums be unwelcome around a dairy farm?

Wally Jones said...

I've always contended that deer can read and just check the internet for hunting season opening dates! They won't be seen after that. LOL!

Ruth said...

If he has some idea of where the trespassers are coming through the property lines, a couple cheap trail cams might help.

Shirley said...

Why is it that you never see them in hunting season? They must have camo. ;0)

threecollie said...

WW, we have them quite often, frequently mamas with zillions of babies. If it wasn't for the foxes I would get guinea fowl again, but they get eaten as fast as we turn them out.

Wally, we have always thought the same thing! Eight point buck right next to the barn all summer....season starts and he vanishes, only to return the minute it closes again. lol

Ruth, might help. So far nothing else has. It took the Amish a while to find us, but they are masters at not getting caught.

Shirley, they haven't been back since Alan chased them...or at least not in daylight, but there was something big and noisy out on the lawn last night so I guess they are going nocturnal.

Cathy said...

That action shot it a hoot. But I finely figured out which end is which! That white flag is a give-away even when accelerating.

threecollie said...

Cathy, so far they haven't been back, which is fine with me. they drive the dogs crazy and drop ticks like rain I swear. I am thinking of picking up some spent chickens off Craigs list and just turning them out to eat bugs.