Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A Dairy Happy New Year

Thank you for stopping by for a visit each day! It has been a great pleasure to get to know so many nice folks here and I hope the coming year will bring more of the same.

And for all of you with triskaidekaphobia...well, you have my sympathies for the coming twelve months


Floridacracker said...

Happy New Year!

dickiebo said...

Gosh! I could have it - I shall have to look it up! lol
All the very best to all of you.

Jan said...

It's usually halfway through the day before I realize what the date is anyway.

We're looking forward to more Northview adventure in the coming year.

Rev. Paul said...

Happy New Year!

Cathy said...

Happy New Year to all the folks, cows, pups and cats at Northview.

Please say a little prayer for hubby who will get a new knee Thursday morning.

Jeffro said...

You win! Ya made me look!

Happy New Year to the denizens of Northview!!!

lisa said...

Happy New Year, to my favorite sister-in-law!

June said...

I hope your 2013 is easier, more comfortable, and deeply joyful.

NumberWise said...

Happy New Year to you all!

Yes, you made me look, too.

threecollie said...

Thanks FC, right back atcha!

Dickiebo, lol, many people do and just don't know it. best to you as well.

jan, thanks, working hard at learning to put that 2013 on checks. lol

Rev. Paul, thanks, the same to you and yours.

Cathy, thank you. We are praying for Keith to do well and recover quickly!

Jeffro, Happy New Year to you as well

Lisa, thank you, and right back at you and your family!

June, thank you, hope you have a wonderful New Year

NW, lol, I knew the word, but I had to look up the spelling. Happy New Year!