Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Golden Rice and GMOs

Farm Side research takes me to some interesting places. This week was no exception. If you are sure that GMOs are the devil and that Frankenfoods will soon come roaring up off our plates to turn us into zombies, give this a read.

 Heck, read it even if you aren't worried about crop science. It's a very informative site.

The Golden Rice Project


Ruth said...

I've got mixed feelings about GMSs.....something like this, I can totally understand the point, and (in theory anyway) have no problem with it.....otherstuff....not so much....

threecollie said...

Here is a pretty good link explaining some of the whys of the use of these products. http://gmoanswers.com/ask/why-do-you-claim-gm-crops-will-improve-crop-yields-when-truth-long-term-affect-much-lower-crop

I am puzzled by all the panic over bt in GMO corn. Bt was the original organic pesticide. It was sprinkled on and around plants and probably still is in organic production and is approved for same.