Monday, September 16, 2013

Box Elder Bugs

If birds actually liked to eat them, they would have an incredible buffet, that they would write home to their mothers about. Alas they don't.

Meanwhile, although we see plenty of them every year, I have never seen anything like the masses we spotted Saturday while out fencing. For some reason they mostly seemed to be lying around in clumps on the ground or festooned over the branches of some dead box elders the boss cut down last year.

The pdf on controlling them says you can drown them with a garden  hose if they annoy you. Lucky for this congregation they are way up in the field.....


June said...

If it rained again anything like it did last week, they'd drown without the aid of a garden hose!

Woodswalker said...

Those look like immature instars of Box Elder Bugs. I wonder if they have recently hatched from egg masses and will disperse as they mature? Just a guess. But wow, what a mess o' bugs!

Cathy said...

Oh! You discovered Jim McCormac's blog.
Good stuff.
This has sure been a wonderfully buggy time of year.

Jeffro said...

Yeah, are those immature? Never seen 'em like that, this is what they look like here.

threecollie said...

June, excellent point! lol, our driveway is not looking too hot after the deluge.

WW, they are indeed immature specimens. amazing bunches of them though!

Cathy, it is! And it sure has been

Jeffro, yes, just cute little icky pink babies by the millions...or at least thousands. Soon they will be ganging up on our house, schlepping in through the cracks and harassing us day and night. lol

Terry and Linda said...

YUCK! Lots of babies...I don't mind those bugs, but they are horrible about invading the buildings for days and days and days until the snow flies.