Thursday, January 09, 2014

The Funny Farm

Yesterday, at the same time that I was on the telephone with a representative from the county about some complicated arrangements being made for a house bound relative, Becky was talking to another public official at the door. 

Meanwhile repairmen worked on the badly broken stable cleaner...reverse curve for you in the know...which of course was behind the worst kicker in the barn. 

Who had to be moved to a different stall so the men could work, just days after she freshened, and who is in general somewhat of a pain in the neck.

And our logger friend, while all this was going on, was driving his skidder up and down the driveway to try to hack up this Godawful ice, which is turning normal activities into dancing with the stars...the stars in your head after you smack down on it. The boss fell three times in one day and is in general too old for such activities. Hopefully folks can get up and down better now....

And then the milk truck stopped in to pick up the milk. 

Meanwhile it was Wednesday, deadline for the Farm Side, and every single important phone call about the various stuff going on was 'private' or 'unknown' caller so we had to pick up for all the telemarketers just in case.

One was a political call attacking a public official of whom I have in the past not been particularly fond. This time they were kind enough to inform me that the person in question voted on an important issue exactly the way I would have voted had I been in that person's position. Hmm...maybe they are smarter than I thought. And the calls, of which I have had several, are awful enough to make me vote for this person just to spite the anonymous whomever that is paying for them.

I just hate those calls where they tell you how important the call is and then scream at you for five minutes as if you were an idiot. I called the unsubscribe number they offered in speedy doublespeak, but of course it didn't work.

Thank God Jade and Liz came down and helped out in the morning and Alan and Jen in the evening..... French toast and bacon for supper wasn't too awful either. And a good movie playing in the background that the kids and the boss were watching while I read still another WEB Griffin until I fell asleep in my chair, well, isn't that what life is all about?

Anyhoo, I am ready for today to be calmer, but I know better than to actually expect that. Alan is already on his way upcounty to take Daisy to get her rabies vaccination.


joated said...

So...a slow day, eh?

Cathy said...

Joated took the words right out of my mouth.

You are so blessed, though. What a great family.
(I live in terror of Keith slipping on ice. Yes. They're too old for it. They wobble and they DO fall down.

Rev. Paul said...

What joated said. Falling on the ice is a concern, now that I don't bounce as readily as I used to. Glad your guys are okay.

threecollie said...

joated, lol, just another day in paradise

Cathy, it is hideous this year!

Rev. Paul, same here. i am so careful, but half a second of inattention is all that is needed for a crash. Or just bad luck.

Terry and Linda said...

Gosh, I hope the Boss is okay. A broken hip, back, rib would just not work ever for anyone, but esp. for super busy folks like you!