Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Work Interrupted. Post Interrupted too.

These two look like mother and baby, but instead they are full siblings, sired by Checkerboard Magnums Promise, out of Frieland LF Bama Breeze

This was meant to be published yesterday.

Rain again. The last load of hay didn't get unloaded into the barn.

I dragged the barrels over to plant some new lettuce, but that isn't happening. And forget picking beans or squash.

Liz is trying to clean the horse and pony barn for tomorrow, when the veterinarian will come to do the health work, Coggins, rabies vaccination, etc. on Diamond and Jack who look to be going this year.

It will be the first ever show for Jack, a teenager now, which should be downright interesting.

However, storm after pop up storm just keeps pouring down. And when it rains, it rains HARD.

So Liz is getting wet, and I am watching a soundly sleeping Peggy, which is a pretty good thing to be doing on such a wet day....and making spaghetti sauce for supper. That too.


Rev. Paul said...

Few people realize how utterly (udderly?) dependent upon weather the farmer's life is.

The sauce sounds good. :)

threecollie said...

REv. Paul, if it weren't for trying to make hay and needing to get into the garden to pick when it is dry this has been a gorgeous summer...perhaps the coolest I can ever remember. We have not even taken the plastic off the AC. There have been a couple of other years when we haven't used it, but that was to save electricity, not because we didn't want it. this year fans have been plenty, and many nights we close the doors to keep the warm in. Weird.

Terry and Linda said...

Weather...the bane or the blessing of our existence!!