Wednesday, July 06, 2016


Bama Breeze

The corn lilies are in full bloom, as are the seasonal breakdowns. Borked machinery is not my favorite part of farming, especially when I personally am expected to know where the Allen wrenches are.

I don't. 

So there.

Our 30-Acre Lot seems to have been recently enhanced by the addition of a multitude of cow pies....good fertilizer, you know.

Meanwhile, our meager three animals could not have produced such largess, and are still in their proper pasture....where I truly hope they stay....anyhow. I wonder whose cows got out......and how hard they worked to catch them.....

Next week is camp. This week is the week where I annually do two of everything. I am about done with the second Farm Side for the weekend we come home, but it is one I have been tweaking and twisting for quite some while. Frankly I am sick of it. Oh, well.

I have never been so slow about packing. Just can't seem to get in the swing. At least I am filling up the garden pond and putting in its needed enhancements, such as algae killer and water prep. 

There are going to be some ticked off hummingbirds though. I take the feeder down when I go one to change the nectar every three days, you know. There is one we call Chatty, that is full of sound and fury and signifying outage whenever I clean it even now.

He...or she...I think it is a young of the year, chatters and chirps and carries on whenever it visits. If the feeder is gone there is a tumultuous uproar.

Sorry guys, I wouldn't want you to get sick on my watch. I'll be back a week from this coming Saturday and will fill your jar forthwith.

On a sad and sorry note, the days are already getting noticeably shorter....where is my summer going? 


Jan said...

Sadly I am noticing the shorter days also.

Terry and Linda said...

I noticed the shorter days also. Makes me so sad to see summer leaving. I need summer to take the place of spring, summer, fall, summer, spring, summer, for me.

You have fun...I need to somehow regroup myself.


threecollie said...

Jan and Linda, it is still high summer, but you can't miss the sun slipping more and more to the south. alas.