Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Farmer Christmas...or...a New Pocket Knife

Three things every farmer needs. A good knife
A good flashlight
And good coffee
Alan is not one to wait when the spirit is on him, so he gave me my gifts early. This is a young man who understands his mother....he chose a set of three small but powerful flashlights, and a new Swiss Army knife.

I have carried a pocket knife since I was eight. When dad bought the antique store there were several tiny knives in a box on one of the long, narrow, tables and he let Mike and me each choose one...probably to get us out of his hair for a while.

I seem to remember one with some kind of cow horn handle decorations..with a little silver on the rivet-y things and end caps. It was smaller than my pinky, but such a treasure to me. I used it to cut sticks for homemade bows and arrows or fishing poles and strings....everyone needs to cut strings!

I didn't take mine to school, although the boys certainly did. It wasn't that it was not allowed, but rather that girls were required to wear dresses and none of mine had pockets.

Over the years I lost that knife, acquired others from the store, graduated to actually buying my own knives of various sorts, and then someone, I think it was the boss, bought me a Swiss Army tinker.

I think the one Alan bought me is the fourth I have had over the past thirty years. I don't lose them...have never lost one...I wear them out.

They are usually sharp as I have good men to take care of that for me, and perhaps the most often used knives on the farm. Not because I do much other than cut hay twine and the like with them...but because everyone knows I always have one and so, "Ma, you got your knife on you?"

I always do.

Anyhow, Al, you knew I would love the knife, but wait until you try those flashlights! Talk about light up the pocket sized to boot. I am going to give your dad the silver one for going up to the stove. Thanks buddy.


ellie k said...

I have a couple of those little flashlights and they are very strong. I helped clean out an old mans house and I think he had 25 or 30 od those lights in all sizes. The bigger ones really put out the light. I gave my son in law a few for his truck and he loves the. Bright light.
After my husband passed away I was cleaning out his sock drawer and under the socks there was a collection of knives, all sizes. I have no idea where they all came from. Some were from salesmen but most of them were just nice knives.

Linda said...

Gotta love a good knife that's for sure. Don't tell him but I bought the Bossman one for Christmas too. He broke one of the blades on his a coupe of years ago but wouldn't get a new one because he couldn't find one that was identical.....but I did ;)

threecollie said...

Ellie, nothing like a good light or a good tool, such as a pocket knife, when you need one!

Linda, I won't tell. lol Good on you finding the right one!

Terry and Linda said...

Oh fun! I just bought Terry a new knife for our coming up Anniversary!


threecollie said...

Linda, nice! And congratulations!