Saturday, April 01, 2017

A Great Honor

As you know, we added a Border Collie, Finnbar, to our pack last summer. And yes, I did spell his name wrong at first.

He turned out to be quite a dog. He can fetch toys, jump up on the snowmobile trailer when asked..... well as when not asked. He can paw you on the head when you try to sit there with him, because he is a big boy for a BC, and he is over endowed in the paw department.

He can also bark.

Play bitey face with his brother. And eat newspaper. His hefty fur coat can collect mud like your best sneakers when you have to go to the barn to calf check after you go out to dinner.

However, what we haven't mentioned is his degree in veterinary medicine. Finnbar Friers, DVM. 

He already had his Masters degree when we got him, majoring in Cow Control, along with minors in house breaking and kibble cleanup. It was astounding to bring such an astute dog into the household. Mack was resentful at first.

However, like all Border Collies, he was bored without a job.

Thus he has been sharing my computer to do online classes in large animal medicine. He also took extra courses whenever he could in artiodactyla obstetrics. That is not an easy elective but he aced it. 4.0 across the board!

His grades were so outstanding that he has been given a singular honor. He has been asked to observe and attend when April the Giraffe finally delivers that long awaited baby. Although he is not qualified to assist they want his opinion on technique. 

He is much calmer about all this than we are! Just lying in his kennel chewing a Milk Bone.

It all seems so fitting. Her name. The name of the month the baby is expected. Today's date. It's like karma, serendipity, and fate all wrapped up in one big taco.

****Update, alas and unfortunately, Finn was forced to decline this singular honor. Turns out  I need the exercise he offers with his mud. I get a lot of steps toward my 10,000 sweeping the kitchen after he comes indoors. Mack needs him to wear him out playing bitey face when they can't be out on the cable and in the run because of said mud.

And what would the House Sparrows do without him to keep them honest by barking at them and chasing them? Sadly we will never know what fame he might have attained.....

BTW, someone stole all our ducks, so we are not making the big bucks like we thought we would. The police have been aggressive in their hunt for the culprits as in the wrong hands they could do terrible damage! Do go read about them if you missed the news last year. They were very special to us and we miss them....although judging by the weather there are at least of few of them hanging around still. And there are a LOT of mallards down on the river....


Jan said...

I love BC's but they are a little too challenging for me to deal with. I have no big jobs.

Terry and Linda said...

STOLE your ducks!!! What jerks those people/person are!

I love your BC...nothing like them. I miss having one around!

Denny Gross said...

Would somebody please tell April to hurry up!

threecollie said...

Jan, I can't seem to get along without

LInda, isn't it awful! We think they lured them away with Call Ducks, as we do have some of those now. lol

Denny, feels more like November doesn't it?

Cathy said...

Keith and I need a BC.

He's in there trying to do taxes.

May we borrow Finn for a few days?


Did you call the cops about those duck-stealing miscreants ?

threecollie said...

Cathy, a BC would sure keep you busy. My sympathies to you both on taxes. This is a hell of a time of year in that respect. As to the was just those April 1st Yakushima Rain Ducks that were stolen. The Call Ducks down in the barn are fine as evidenced by....their calling. lol They sound like a bunch of deranged Mallards on speed...after a goodly shot of helium. lol