Monday, April 17, 2017

Don't try this at Home

We had an hour to kill before we picked up Becky so we went rambling. Nothing stirring on the river, but the boss found a new venue to explore........

Yatesville Falls State Forest Our journey started as just another narrow dirt track making a right angle into some planted Red Pine and mixed hardwood stands. It seemed innocuous enough so we bumped slowly along, listening for birds and admiring the scenery, which was quite fine.

After a bit we began to encounter ever narrower spots, deep, swampy, holes, boggy bottoms, pot holes the size of small canyons, and other features which put me eerily in mind of the Golden Road. This made me nervous....very nervous. It is still early spring here in the Great Northeast. Ya never know what ya might find back in shady woods country.

I began to suggest that maybe the next time we spotted a place to turn around we might do so (the road was a scant lane wide.)

Then came the hills and valleys. Tricksy and twisted and still featuring soft spots and narrow spots and blind corners with barely room for all the tires to stay on the road at the same time. A few more turnarounds appeared and the road kept getting worse. My suggestions became more urgent. 

Finally I said, "This is on you. I don't have cell service so if you get stuck in this stuff we are here to stay unless we walk out. As far as I am concerned we can stop any time. Your call......"

I felt better then, having assigned potential blame somewhere besides on my own shoulders.

Suddenly the road dropped away on the passenger side of the car. And by away I mean A WAY DOWN THERE!

We had found the water fall. It is a beauty. We admired and photographed and enjoyed for a few minutes, and then attacked the return trip as it was time to pick up Becky.

I had only a couple of things to say to the boss as we bumped and bumbled back to the hard road. "This had been fun and it is pretty back here. But I am never doing this again. Ever."

He just laughed.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I recognized the falls from your first picture, and I'm thinking, "Is it really?" And sure enough, it is! Thanks so much for sharing!

When I was a a slim and young eighteen-year-old, along with a few similar friends, I climbed those falls from the bottom to the top - and they weren't any shorter then, either. Before the state put up that sign, they were known as Buttermilk Falls. An old friend who shall remain anonymous made an annual trip to take that sign down for many years in a row, because they used the wrong name.


Jan said...

Thank the boss for some beautiful photos.

threecollie said...

AKA, you are correct, of course. I realized upon looking up the area that I had been to the falls sometime in my teens as well. The memory is so vague though...I sure don't remember that awful road, but Ralph says there was another way in back then. Nice spot.

Jan, I always thank him for hauling me around on these wild adventures. The thanks may have been a bit forced yesterday