Monday, June 12, 2017

Playoff Wrens vs Robins

We just suffered through our annual, and sometimes even twice annual, sharing of the sitting porch with American Robins.

Some years it's not too bad. They are flighty, silly creatures but they eventually get used to us and will sit on the eggs and feed the nestlings even when we are watering plants and sitting out in the evening sun.

This year though, we had a pair of the most tom fool idiots I have ever seen. They would NOT tend the nest when we were out there, but they sure would dive bomb up over the railing at our heads and cheep and scream indignantly, and generally make the atmosphere so miserable that we gave up and went in.

Saturday the kids fledged.

Sigh of relief. However, they weren't off the porch for an hour before Carolina Wrens started checking out the flowerpots and the ornamental bird house, which has served everything from chickadees to both common wrens around here over the years.


However, the difference between the two species is marked and welcome.

I was sitting on the porch last night enjoying the shadows of the end of sundown and listening to the birds. Both wrens flipped up onto the porch railing about two feet away from me. They sat there contemplating my toes while I enjoyed their company and then proceeded to investigate the whole porch.

Nice, companionable birds, which as long as I didn't move too quickly minded me not in the least.


Cathy said...

You're living the dream, my friend :)
Lucky Ducky.

Linda said...

Your favorite little bird seems to favor you!

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Wonderful story! It reminded me of how my grandma had a clay flowerpot hanging from a nail on the farmhouse wall, and the hole in the bottom of the pot was just big enough for wrens to get through, the little ones, though, not the Carolinas. They were so tiny, but boy, did they make a lot of loud noise!

dojuma said...

nice photo

threecollie said...

Cathy, we are I guess. Sure do love the month of June!

Linda, they are such good company.

Jacqueline, what a nice story. I do enjoy wrens!

dojuma, thanks!