Sunday, February 04, 2018

It's a Cat Eat Duck World

Last summer, the boss and I watched a yellow tom cat nearly murder a much smaller black cat that was hiding among the rip rap at Schoharie Crossing. It was quite a fight.

We never saw either cat again and thought little of it.

Fast forward to now. We have been going to the museum side of the Schoharie to count the American Black Ducks there. Yesterday there were sixty!

Today there were not quite as many, but there was a deadly predator on the ice stalking them.

Critter A) the big yellow Tom, or the big yellow Don, as the case may be
Critter B) your guess is as good as mine. Click to see if you know..

That blasted yellow cat! He was right at the edge of the ice just a few feet from the nearest duck, which would soon have been within his reach. Behind him on the ice was something, which may have been a chupacabra or some other killer...or maybe just last summer's little black cat.

Anyhow, the ducks all flew when I walked down to see what it was. I was okay with that. Maybe I saved one from this cat, which I will henceforth call Donald.I mean seriously, a cat, hunting ducks almost as big as he is? Mind boggling.

If looks could kill I would be at the bottom of the Schoharie


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Linda, this cat needs an action movie of his own or something. lol