Monday, July 16, 2018

Shore is Monday

Even at camp you get  Mondays..... Before the sun broke the horizon there were bank issues.  Then a fish tied my hook to the rope holding the boat.  Another fish hooked me on about half a mile of someone elses went and on.                   The good news are biting birds are singing, loons are motor boating up the lake and yodeling like mad. I love this place!


Paintsmh said...

I'm hoping I can get up there but ugh so busy!

A. Montgomery said...

We are debating coming up too. Scott and Jennifer are in Maine with their girls. I told Michael, but he didn't say much. Matt is home today, back to work Tues. then home again getting ready for the tractor show this weekend. Do you need anything??? Love Mom

Terry and Linda said...

Peace...lovely lovely peace