Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Week in Birds

American Crow hanging out at McDonald's...I mean, what crow wouldn't?

Over the past few days we have picked up a couple of new ones for the year, although it is getting really hard to find them. The county total for the year so far has already surpassed ALL of last year's sightings, and I have seen as many as I saw all year too, although I am still behind another birder. We saw a Great Horned Owl flying in a brilliant orange sky as Red-winged Blackbirds dive bombed it the other night at sunset. It was amazing.

This Green Heron and its family are so cooperative
when I go down to the aqueduct where they hang out

Then we heard a Yellow-billed Cuckoo down by the river...I was even able to record its calls...

Immature Ring-billed Gull

Otherwise the main excitement is just seeing regular birds do interesting things and trying for better photos of ones I have already seen.

Canada Gosling

There is always something to keep it interesting. The video below is a bit of excitement the other day. I don't know what set the guineas off down in the barn but I hurried down to check as they were really tuning up. Never did see anything, but I am certain that they did!

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I guess this comment must be spam. How does it get through blog-spots filter. I have to prove that I am not a robot why don't them??? Love all your bird pictures. Love, Mom