Sunday, July 08, 2018

What do Rattlesnakes, Bear Paws, and Rainbow Sherbet

Not a rattlesnake

...have in common?

Why they are all research topics for this week's Farm Side, of course.

And I can tell you this much about them: Rainbow sherbet does indeed contain milk. It's Big Nose Mountain on the north of the river in Yosts, where there used to be snakes at the gas station. I always get them mixed up and have to look up which mountain is where.

They were Timber Rattlers. We were much impressed as kids.

And it's Adirondack Bear Paw not bear claw. Ice cream that is. I get it wrong every time, and have to consciously wrap my mind around the name. The struggle is real.

Also not a rattlesnake


Terry and Linda said...

Those are tiny rattlers! Enjoyed this post!

threecollie said...

Linda, lol, they are just little garter snakes...haven't seen a rattler since I was a kid, and never on this side of the river, thankfully

Jan said...

I import garter snakes into my garden.

threecollie said...

Jan, they import themselves here, along with frogs that come to the pond each summer. Sadly the snakes like to eat the frogs, and also sadly the only truly blue garter snake I have found here was dead in the driveway, dagnabbit.