Thursday, August 16, 2018

Farm Wifing

Once you no longer spend every day from dawn to o'dark-thirty....supper was often at nine or ten PM back in the day....juggling a dozen different jobs, then you are no longer a real farm wife, right? 

More like a shadow of something leftover right?


But today I caught myself farm wifing like crazy. (And grumbling like a harried farm wife too.) Liz's boss gave her some corn and we had some zucchini ready to freeze. Since she is very busy, I offered to do all the processing but the husking if she would share the result.

That plan was in full swing and the corn in full boil when the boss decided to fix the faucet in the bath tub. Good deal. It's been leaking so hard for so long that we took to using the water accumulated in a bucket in the tub...waste no, want flush the other facility that resides in the same room.

However, as the corn boiled merrily on the stove, the absence of packing putty needed for the job was discovered. Guess who knew where to look for it. Ditto for other tools and substances needed for the job.

Guess how deeply it was buried....

Guess how inopportune the pinging of timer was. Then, since he was going down cellar to turn the water on and off anyhow, he reset the ground fault interrupter down there, since the garden pond pump isn't working. He had to take a fan outdoors to test the wire to the pond....while the corn and zucchini continued exuberantly bubbling. (Alas the problem is the pump, which seems to have died completely.)

This drama went on as long as all jobs were operative. Somehow everything got done just the same....although the faucet is still leaking. Time for a new gasket I guess.

Farm wifing....It's multi-tasking like a boss. Still got it. Kinda. Sorta.


Carmen said...

I have this little woodpecker on my tree right now as I am reading this. Sometimes there is one just like it with a little red tuft on his head too. I love watching the birds just outside my window.

threecollie said...

Carmen, I love to see them! The ones with the red on the head are the males. Although it is hard to see it on this Hairy Woodpecker, he has one on his forehead. He is unusually tame for a Hairy, although the little Downy Woodpeckers, which look almost the same but much smaller, seem to always be quite tame.