Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Such a Drama Queen

The night sky that is. Technically it's actually morning, but it's still as dark as a closet with the light off...but because it is for a change clear you can see the stars.

Orion, which used to be my favorite constellation until I found out he only shows up in winter, is strutting his stuff right outside the back door. Big arrogant buffoon, you just can't miss him.

Ursa Major is doing a headstand near the eastern horizon, no mean feat for a bear that size.

The Twins, Cassiopeia, and most of the other known conglomerations of stars are bright as eagle's eyes as well.

Still, it's cold enough to make you want to hurry the doggos as they go about their morning business. Frost tomorrow night so I really have to drag the last watermelon inside and grab the rest of the house plants. Only a half a dozen or so left...I hope....

Meanwhile, I'm just waiting for the sun to come up. After birding in the rain way too many times recently (did you hear that storm last night???) I am looking forward to heading out without an umbrella handle stuffed in an uncomfortable spot, (I learned this from a World Girl Birder post and it works-hands free and all- but I feel like a sleazy lady of the evening with a brolly instead of a wad of cash) and without rain fogging up all the glass involved in  seeing birds.

Wish me luck. lol


A. Montgomery said...

My favorite hawk. Love Mom

threecollie said...

Mom, I do too! We didn't see any for several weeks in late summer and I really missed them. I think they were off teaching fledglings to hunt. Now they are back and we see them almost every day. Love you!

Terry and Linda said...

That is an outstanding photo of a red-tailed hawk. A favorite haw of mine!