Monday, January 07, 2019

Hill Therapy

I can't remember the last time I was able to get out on the land so early in the year. 

There were plenty of open winters back in the '70s. A good friend and I went trail riding on our horses almost every weekend. I was even able to take a New Year's Day ride several years and pick Johnny Jump Ups too.

However most winters since then have been much colder and more confining. 

Our hills are so steep that if ice and snow aren't an issue then mud is. However this morning's 12 degrees gave the mud a bit of backbone, and although there was ice it was easy to step over it or pick my way across on stones and grass. In the down vest department I was overheated, while on the facial front it was more like frozen.

Not many birds around, although a Common Raven came croaking and creaking right over the barnyard. Then he spotted me and took his leaving, swiftly north on cantilevered wings and gone. There were Eastern Bluebirds calling, "Queedle, Queedle" from both sides of the farm and down in front as well.

Halfway up the hill the camera battery went dead. Dagnabbit. I meant to put one in my pocket before going out, but the dog needed to be walked urgently and I forgot. If there is no photo it didn't happen right?

But, aha! The cell phone where bird lists are created has a camera. It isn't exactly the sweet little Canon, but desperate times and all....

Thus I can share a little of the sheer relief of getting out and going up....out on the land....up on the hills....

I only made it to the 30-acre Lot, but it was good. Very good.

And btw, Jade is home. He has a long recovery and more surgery ahead of him, but he is back with his family at least.


Cathy said...

So glad Jade is back with his family :)
And thank you for that trek around the farm.
Your ability to take us along and see the beauty ,hear the creatures, and feel the earth rolling under our feet . . . is such a gift.
(And forgetting that battery . . . . Oh how I identify with that :P

Terry and Linda said...

Getting out an about is always SO REFRESHING. I hate my camera on my phone, but I didn't want to pay more the $100 for the phone so that is what I have. BUT I LOVE MY CAMERA!

Anyway, good news about Jade...I hope he gets well quickly~!

threecollie said...

Cathy, it was a pretty scary time this New Year's! Thanks for your kind words

linda, it was....can't wait until the weather lets me do it again.