Monday, February 11, 2019

As yet Unresolved

Many of last week's issues that is. No idea why. Meanwhile we are all a little bit better, thankfully, enough so that I even cooked yesterday...Italian Sausage Soup. Going to take a chance and take some up to the folks. Big storm coming....they can probably use some soup.

Birding has been okay. Got a Merlin yesterday, always a really hard one for me...only saw two last year. And a Common Grackle. Those are not nearly hard enough to find, but he was at least the first of the year.

Meanwhile, they can talk about how cruel April is all day long, but for me February is almost as bad as it gets. Kinda like a second December only colder.



Jan said...

At least it has only 28 days to torture.

Cathy said...

Love that merlin!
So glad you're feeling a titch better :)

threecollie said...

Jan, yes, that is so...and i am very, very glad.

Cathy, thanks, it was a delight to find him. Only see one or two a year if we are lucky. And we are better, although far from 100%. Whatever we have is a baddun.

Terry and Linda said...

The second Christmas is over I dread each and every day that follows until March. Then in March, we get to start farming, as the weather seems to warm ---like you I do NOT like winter.

threecollie said...

Linda, I hear you. I am early riser, but there is no joy at all in the mornings. Just snow and snow and more snow and cold and dull and dreary. We have in the past managed to start farming in March, but not often. In fact I think the last time was before any of the kids were born. Our spring is later I guess. Still the sap is beginning to run and that is important. Take care, dear friend.