Saturday, February 02, 2019

The Things you See

Been the kind of sick this week wherein rest was required between donning sock one and doing the same for sock two. Sometimes a fairly long rest.

Since Peggy was sick for at least ten days, missed over a week of school and is still coughing terribly, and Liz ditto except for the school part, I am not expecting a full recovery any time soon.

At least I am well enough to get out of the house a little and even to want to....but I am not yet eager for much of anything but morning coffee. And only one cup of that.

Btw, speak not to me of flu shots. The whole Schultz clan had them and were if anything sicker than the rest of us. So this is either not flu, although with the fevers and gripping pains it feels like it....or it is not the flu covered by the jab.

Oh, well. The boss hauled me out a few times this week...and please pray that he doesn't get it...he already took a nasty tumble, head first down a bank while putting wood in the stove...he doesn't need this darned bug.

And we had a lot better week than some folks not far from us, who lost a large cow barn night before last. We bought bulls from these good folks and knew them from farm events and the like for years and years. I feel terrible for them.


Jan said...

I get a flu shot every year but from all I read it is just to keep my doctor happy.

A. Montgomery said...

Peggy going to school enhances your chances of being exposed to these viruses. Dad says you should all take vitamin c to enhance your resistance. Love Mom

Terry and Linda said...

I feel so sorry for your friends losing their barn....and IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER, no less.

Hope you get to feeling well soon. And Ralph stays well.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill. But I'm glad you felt well enough to take some great photos. So sad about your neighbors' barn. All the animals OK?

threecollie said...

Jan, I quit a while back after I got sick as soon as I got one and never felt right the rest of the winter. I am a firm believer in vaccinations, but that shot leaves a lot to be desired.

Mom, if I get to the store I will get some. Meanwhile lots of orange juice....Love you

Linda, me too! They have a beautiful place and amazing cows. I am glad that at least they got them all out. We have gone to their farm both to buy bulls and for 4-H dairy judging classes. What fun to judge cows like theirs! Thanks for your kind words.

Jacqueline, from what I have read they got the livestock out in time. The barn is gone though...such a shame....