Saturday, July 20, 2019

Just Loonie

Red-throated Loon, Pecks Lake NY

We enjoyed the company of at least four Common Loons all week at camp. They were tame enough to come right up to the porch of the cabin...which sits out over the well as parading by out on the lake every day.

This morning however, things were pretty quiet. It was move out day and Beck so I got up early and got right at it. The porch was bare of our belongings long before the boss arrived to haul us home, except for our two camp chairs, which we were occupying.

Not even a pair of binoculars had survived the packing frenzy.

Great Blue Heron spent two hours perched on a branch near the porch yesterday

As we sat waiting for transpo I noticed a swimming bird way out on the lake. At first I dismissed it as just another duck, as it was way too small for a Common Loon. However, after a while I forced myself to traipse inside and get my toys.

Hmmm....not a duck. Still way too small for a COLO.

Fledgling Song Sparrow that wanted me to kick up bugs for it.

I took lots of photos and made an eBird list but did not submit it. Once home photos were uploaded to the computer and the identity of the bird was revealed....although I did put it up on What's this Bird? for confirmation.

It was a Red-throated Loon, the second I have ever seen and the first one for me for Fulton County. What a thrill. I much enjoyed chasing the wood warblers, waterfowl, and mountain birds all week but that little loon was one of the best birds of the year....for anywhere. List has now been submitted and the loon has already made the state rare bird alert for today.

What a nice send-off the lake gave us as we returned to our sweltering valley home.

Common Loon

4 comments: said...

When do I get to see the red throated loon pictures? Love, Mom

Cathy said...

You've truly found a dream world of nature. I've seen perhaps a couple loons in my birding career . . and always at a distance. I do enjoy your sharing these moments of lovely discovery drifting around you.

threecollie said...

Mom, the top photo on the post is the RTLO. Love you!

Cathy, we were so fortunate in that respect. The cabin was a nightmare though. The people the week before befouled it in unimaginable ways and the cleaning ended up not being what it might have been in some pretty horrible ways. I was not going to renew my reservation until the loon turned up. I took it as a sign that maybe we should return. Peggy is the fifth generation of our family to visit the lake and she loves it I signed up for next year.

Cathy said...

" . .. . . in unimaginable ways . . . "

Oy! I'm trying to rein in my vvid imaginings . . . :-D