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Friday, October 15, 2021

End 'o Garden

The mums, I think the variety is Sheffield

So...it is time for frost in this area
, past time really, not that I have the slightest desire to see it arrive. Instead I have been reveling in the blooming plant life that this soggy summer sent us. What a year for flowers!

Cannas are at least four feet over my head and still blooming like mad. The invasive purple and blue morning glories that surprised me by coming up from seed every year after I misguidedly planted them a few years back, have covered the arbor and burst out into the yard, waving bright flags until noon or later every day.

The old-fashioned mums the kids hate so much that they dig them all up and give them to me (chortle, grin, chortle) are elbow high, and so burdened with pink flowers that they can barely stand. I do love me an easy flower that practically grows itself. These things languished in plastic bags, practically bare root, until I got around to heeling them into the dirt last year. Hey, I was busy, it was hot and blah, blah, blah. They didn't even notice the abuse and all grew. ALL.

The butterfly bush is in its second year and looks amazing. I bought it last year because the dusty grey foliage looked cool. The bazillions of purplish flowers are a nice bonus.

I go in for that Tarzan-is-about

Various annuals are doing their thing as well. I learned about cutting back and feeding leggy petunias from a YouTube video last year. It works. The red one on the front porch had to be cut back TWICE this year because the growing conditions were so amazing.

'mingo beans

However, as I brush through the narrow path between the morning glories and one of the mums at the back door, I can't help but realize that this is not going to last. Although at this moment there is no frost in the forecast, you can feel it coming, smell it on the air, sense it in the need for warm sweatshirts in the early morning that somedays lingers all day.

Any day now. Or any night.

I am not ready for frost or winter or wind or wild weather, so I just enjoy every hour of good garden time that the good Lords sends me. It will all be gone soon enough. 


Cathy said...

Oh Marianne . . . . Beautiful . . . . those lovely pictures . . . and your prose . .
I'm so with you on the inevitable coming of fall . . . the heavy-drooping summer colors waiting for the frost.
And what is it about morning glories? They trumpet beauty with their lovely, ephemeral petals.

Terry and Linda said...

I am never ever ready!! EVER!

Shirley said...

Beautiful! The heat here made a mess of some of my flowers; tiny blooms and drought stressed. I have a few hardy ones left that survived the several hard frosts we have had though.
I like the jungle look too!

Val Ewing said...

Your flowers make me so envious! Wow. So I will have to look up that video on Petunias. I would actually love to extend my flower garden so I could have more space!

I do love winter though, I have to say that.

threecollie said...

Cathy, thank you. I am enjoying them as much as possible before frost, which will be here any day now.

Shirley thanks! I hated the rain this year. We got exactly two loads of hay back in June, then not another bale. Rained almost every day and never dried out in between. Gonna be a short winter for that. Kids are already buying hay from a guy who got some. But the flowers loved it!

Val, thanks, I was amazed at the petunia thing. Basically, when they start getting leggy and scraggly, cut them off a few inches or so from the base, feed with time-release fertilizer pellets and liquid fertilizer, and water them like new plants. Mine did wonderfully the two years I have been doing it.