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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Moon Bold


And apple blind...

After a too-short night of moon-tousled sleep I went out in the dark with the doggo.

I was wearing my headlamp as is the norm when my day starts before the sun does. We bought rechargeable ones at Runnings and they are the nutz btw.

Anyhow, big, solid, brown, bodies with icelight eyes leapt across in front of us, just at the top of the bank on the other side of the driveway, where the beebalm grows in summer. Nomming apples from the Winesap I'm thinking, and welcome to them as it happens.

The dog stood transfixed. The biggest bunnies he'd ever seen. A real bunny popped up out of the new flowerbed and followed the visitors up on the lawn.

It had warmed up over night so it was decided by our little committee of two that Mack should go out to his kennel for a bit. I fastened the three devices that keep his Jack Russell self contained and out of the chickens...gate latch with snap added, knotted parachute cord, cow tie chain at the bottom...and turned.

And there just across the lawn, were two pairs of those ice eyes staring back at me. This was no deer-in-the-headlights business. They seemed utterly fearless. In fact the taller one started stepping slowly toward me, barely moving, but closer....closer...closer...

A bit disconcerted I clapped my hands. 

No effect.

I spoke. "What are you guys up to anyhow?"

Still closer. 

Finally I walked boldly right toward them. I was halfway across the lawn before they finally turned, eye lights winking out one at a time, and sauntered off into the shrubbery.

They reminded me of a horse in the novel, The Show Gypsies, which Becky purchased at great expense so I could read it again, after all the copies in the area were stolen out of the libraries.....He was a great, big, black jumper, with a streak o' mean if you know what I mean. And his name was....


***BTW Becky did NOT pay that much for the book. She bought it a couple of years ago. The price just keeps going up and up and up, and I cannot fathom why. It's a good yarn, but it's just a horsey romance kind of thing. Why were all the copies stolen from the libraries? Why is it so pricey? I just don't know, but if she sold it now, she'd make a heckuvva profit. 


Terry and Linda said...

It's always so strange about how something can increase and other things not so much

threecollie said...

Linda, isn't it weird?

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

It sure can be disconcerting when a wild animal behaves so unexpectedly. Especially an animal as big as a deer, and this close to mating season, when bucks can be kind of threatening if they mistake you for another buck. But even a critter as tiny as a baby woodchuck once creeped me out a bit when it ran toward me and started to climb up my leg!

threecollie said...

Jacqueline, we have a lot of trespassers hunting on our fields so the game animals come down to hang out at the house. The doe that did this had her fawns in the brush right in front of the house and raised them there, until one was hit by a car. She and the other one are still around and so tame it is silly. Now we have 6 huge tom turkeys graveling up right outside the back door. What a story about the woodchuck! I would have jumped right out of my shoes!