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Thursday, May 19, 2022

The Eyes Have It


Four-thirty AM, precise-a-mundo. Beginning the daily quest for ten-thousand steps by taking Mack up to his kennel run for the day, fresh container of water for his calf bucket, which provides his daily libations in one hand, leash in the other. (Leash is about eight feet of quadruple braided paracord....he's a ruff un).

It is raining lightly, the kind of rain that doesn't get you wet, but it feels as if it should. 

I wear my headlamp because it is full dark and downright gloomy. The headlamp lights up every reflector on every vehicle, implement, and tool in the yard, plus the driveway markers and all.

It also lights up two very bright, very white, spots on the lawn about two yards from Alan's four-wheeler, which is also brightly illuminated.

At first I think animal, because it is low to the ground, spaced about right for critter eyes and in a spot where I am pretty sure nothing is parked....but it doesn't move. It doesn't move while I dump yesterday's water out of the calf bucket, rinse and refill it.

It doesn't move when the dog noodles around at the end of his leash outside the run while I do these things. The lights just sit there utterly static, glowing brightly in our direction. I wonder what could possibly be out there a few inches off the ground in the middle of the lawn that has white reflectors that are so close together and so very bright. I vow to go check after I get the snap and the rope and the chain that hold closed the gate that contains my tiny dog each day. (And yes, we need them all!)

As always, I pet him for a minute before I latch them all up.

Then I turn around to investigate the odd lights on the lawn.

They are gone.

I hurry inside and lock the door leaving the poor pup to his fate. After all he is protected by a  chain link fence intended for a much larger dog and he is as fierce as a honey badger on crack on a bad day. He B Fine.

So, in your experienced rural opinions, what was/is out there?

What has eyes that reflect white and face forward, maybe two to four inches apart, six or eight inches off the ground, and would sit dead still. never blinking, for three or four minutes just staring at me? 

Fox? Raccoon? Skunk? Possum? Chupacabra? 

I really want to know.

That is all.

Thank you.


Unknown said...

Porcupine. They know they are invincible...


Denny144 said...

It sounds like the possum that got inside my fenced yard last month. It just froze and stared at me. It didn’t even move when it realized that my dogs spotted it. It just keeled over and played dead.

Shirley said...

Game cam time?

aurora said...

NO clue, but run!!

Terry and Linda said...

Game Camera!!! I love em'

threecollie said...

Thank you all! Good suggestions every one. I think it may have been the kitty in the post above. I believe some thoughtful soul dropped it here, as we don't keep outdoor cats (coyotes eat them all) and it seems too wild to have come from the housing development.

As for the trail cam, I am trying to figure out how to set it up where it doesn't take five-thousand photos of grass every time the wind blows. lol