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Friday, October 07, 2022

October Big Day and Global Bird Weekend

Immature White-crowned Sparrow

Everyone had big plans for this weekend (that didn't involve birds). We were going to have another sale up at the house, trying to get the place empty. No go. They paved the road a while back and never striped it, so you can't tell where the shoulders are. Thus folks are afraid to pull off the side to become customers.

So no sale. Ugh.

However, that leaves me free to participate in Global Bird Weekend to my heart's content...even if I end up staying home to do so. 

It's foggy this morning so I am lazing here at my computer for a bit before I go out and do a little haunting in the yard.

Lincoln's Sparrow, basking on some firewood

However, soon now...the Carolina Wrens have already been yelling from the mulberry trees so I know they will want to be counted first...wings in the air and all like eager school kids. I can't wait to call on them.

You can find the details about the main event, October Big Day, here. It's fun. Go out and count as many birds as you can find and submit a checklist...or ten...to eBird. Easy peasy.

I don't expect to find anything wildly exotic today. However for the past couple of weeks I have been able to count most of the expected area migrants right in the backyard. Right in three particular trees in fact, although they frequent other spots as well. However, I can park in my chair near the honey locust, Winesap apple, and blue spruce trees and catch the morning show almost every day. Many of the travelers eat insects. The sun hits those three trees early, warms the bugs up so they become active, and the breakfast bar is open.

The only birds I haven't seen in the yard from the list for our county during fall migration (here) are Killdeer, and those we get in summer. 

Anyhow, I hear Canada Geese rising up from the river, so time to go out to see what I can find. Happy birding!

Cute little Nashville Warbler


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Terry and Linda said...

I love it also! YAY

threecollie said...

cathy, our yard is a bit of a jungle, but we sure get good birds. lol

Linda, I am glad