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Monday, January 30, 2023

The Sparrows


Come in before light, just when the dawn takes over the night

Dark shadows they flutter cleaning up the spilled seed

And the corn from the feed store as they gobble with greed.

Guess the hawk can't quite see them until it's quite bright

But the lady with seed cups sure puts them to flight.

White-throated Sparrows

American Tree Sparrows

Dark-eyed Juncos, slate-colored subset

Sometimes the lone Song Sparrow that is wintering here.

They scatter when I go out to fill the feeders and as they race for the bushes the chickadees and titmice whirl in unafraid, to grab seeds and hull them before the big guys come back.

Not the best month, January, but there are compensations.


Unknown said...

Love your posts and photo's. We have the same wintering birds in South Dakota. And even though they are afraid of us, sometimes I think they wait and watch knowing we equal food!

Shirley said...

We have Juncos here. They usually feed early in the morning and late in the evening. The Nuthatches hog the feeder and throw out the seed they don't want, which the Juncos clean up- that is, if the deer leave them any.

Terry and Linda said...

I always love your writing and your photos!!

threecollie said...

UK, thanks! I think they do wait for us. In fact I would bet on it. OUr trees are festooned with doves and finches and the like until I fill the feeders. As soon as I am in the house they all float down to snack. The little birds take advantage of my presence and eat while I am there, knowing the bigger ones are more afraid of me. Chickadees practically land on my head. lol

Shirley, that's handy! lol. I feed cracked corn or chicken scratch from the feed mill to the ground feeders. About one third the price of sunflower seeds here and well-received by sparrows and doves. I put sunflower seeds in the hanging feeders.

LInda, thank you. I love yours as well.

aurora said...

I cannot tell the many variety of Sparrows apart. We seasonally have tons of Junco's. Not the brightest bird. I didn't know they were Sparrow's.

Chickadee's are so comical, love them!

With our cold weather, our birds are emptying feeders at an accelerated rate.

threecollie said...

aurora, it is something I learned fairly recently as well. We usually have a much greater variety of birds at this time of year, but not this year. Going below zero later in the week, so maybe we will see some then.