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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Revolving Door Lions


Lawn Lion AKA Cobra Chicken

Here in the Great Northeast, March came in like a lion...not at all unexpected. However, now it is going out like one too. It just doesn't seem fair.

Yesterday I spent some sunny afternoon time working in the garden. Pulled up the old landscape fabric, raked and leveled, and laid out new rows for when it's warm enough to put in the cannas.

I reveled in the sturdy little shoots of newly emerged garlic. Last year we found the best garlic I have ever tasted at an Amish roadside stand. I spared one bulb's worth to plant and now I an glad I did.

It was warm and nice enough for Mack to spend a couple of hours in his outside run and for the lambs, which are for the most part huge now, to go out in the yard with the flock.

Lambic Pentameter

Today all is covered with fresh snow. Jilly-woo was delighted. She could go roll in it. Me not so much.

And now it looks as if April will come in like a lion too. Brrr.....

Sky Lions fighting over a large carcass of something they caught.
It has slipped into the water here.
There were five of them strafing and struggling to steal


Terry and Linda said...

March has been a lion here all month also!

aurora said...

Spring weather everywhere has not been kind this year. I keep looking at my stunted very cold early bulb shoots. They are hanging on, somehow.

threecollie said...

Linda, cold as a frog today and going to rain hard tonight. Ugh

Aurora, I just read that Big Red, the famous Cornell University Red-tailed Hawk laid her first egg of the year today, the latest in the season since they began keeping track of her. Not many bulbs sprouting here yet, except the earliest of the daffodils.