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Wednesday, January 31, 2024


While not much else is going right,
birding has been awesome lately. Finding Short-eared Owls has been one great treat, but today it was Bald Eagles.

Short-eared Owl

There was one sitting on a log in the pool at the boat launch today. Although I tried for a photo, something unseen blew all the ducks off the Schoharie and spooked him too, just as I aimed.

He flew over to the tree at the confluence, where eagles often perch. Then he landed by the pool and strutted around for a bit. I think he may have left prey near the log, as his crop looked full.

Back to the tree he went. 

Suddenly another one bombed in (probably what scared the ducks) and started going after him in the tree. A third came after that one and the two of them flew over to land in a tree near the aqueduct.

Sure was fun to watch them until they all flew off.

The ducks, however, were not impressed. 

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