Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's Cold

Not Alaska cold. Not Dakotas cold or Canada cold. Just NY cold, damp and unpleasant.

I woke up in the night to the oddest thing. I actually lay awake for a while wondering and kind of worrying about it.

It was dead silent. At one AM in the Mohawk Valley, not a truck was rumbling, not a train was grumbling, nothing was moving.

It is normally very noisy here. The train tracks across the river. The NY Thruway down at the bottom of the hill, a couple of state routes nearby. They frequently awaken us in the night. It seems as if there is a train every minute or two, and truck traffic is a constant.

It cost us the chance to maybe be a movie set a couple of years ago.However, last night it was utterly quiet, sometimes for five or ten minutes at a time. For a while I worried about disaster or derailment. 

The last time I remember it being so still was the original 9/11 when planes and trains and trucks were all stopped for a while.

After a bit a few cars went by and two widely separated trains...I drifted back to sleep...guess it was just the cold keeping everyone off the rails and highways.


joated said...

Isn't it odd how the absence of noise--every day kind of background noise--can suddenly put you on edge?

Seth said...

I agree with joated....sometimes Ill turn on the tv or radio just to have some noise...weird. I remember camping with my dad & there was only one other camper on the grounds and I thought it so strange that someone would want to be alone like that. My explained it that some people just like to be to themselves and there thoughts.

Dani said...

Sending warm Florida thoughts to you!

Rev. Paul said...

joated is right. Regarding that cold air, please send it back up here; it's too warm (28) for this time of year.

Jan said...

My thoughts are always zombie Apocalypse. I've watched too many videos with my son.

Cathy said...

I miss the train sounds of my childhood. I'll bet that was a weird sense of things . . makes you wonder what was going on. (or why it wasn't

i remember that business about the movie makers checking you out. Dang.

threecollie said...

Joated, it is! And I think this bothered me more because of memories of 9/11. the valley was completely shut down at that time and it was eerie. I will never forget it.

Seth, Oh, man, once we camped at Hebgen Lake in Montana. There was no one around for miles. Although I love the wild outdoors it was spooky as heck!

Dani, thank you! I will take all that you can spare. lol

Rev. Paul minus 13.3 this morning. It's all yours lol

Jan, lol, we are much the same, checking that fifth thing on the Craig's list free stuff early and often.

Cathy, it was quiet last night too. I think a lot of truckers are off the road because of their diesel gelling up. Sure is weird.