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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My favorite road

(Except for the deer.)

Step off the world with me

There can be a car just below the lip of this hill and you cannot see it from the top of the hill even though it seems as if you can see the whole road. In fact there was one there when I took this picture.

Rolling, that is what we call 'em, rolling

This is Corbin Hill Road, our path to the college (and back) each day. These photos were taken on the hurry-up, through the windshield of the car (Liz was driving) so they aren't the greatest, but I think you can catch that driving-off-the-edge-of -the world feeling. I wish each and every one of you could experience the trip past beaver dams and lodges, muskrat houses, swamps burgeoning with newly arrived migrant birds and amazing sweeping views of the foothills around every turn. Today as we passed the field where we saw the bittern last year a rough-legged hawk made war with two ravens and a pair of red-tailed hawks over some carcass that had been flung from the road. The wild winds swooped them around like forgotten newspapers, wings and tails outstretched. Yesterday just a few miles from there a pair of kestrels were busy making little kestrels while perched on the telephone wire (not an every day sight). There is always something exciting to see (including some things more exciting than others, such as deer). Wish you could ride along is all...just sayin'. You would come away with a whole different picture of New York State.


Amanda said...

Just lovely. There is such gorgeous scenery here.

Now if my feet would just warm up.

Cathy said...

You call 'that' a 'hill'? Here in Toledo - we call that a 'mountain'!

I enjoyed traveling with you, 3C - even if it was vicarious.

You made it real. I could hear Spring springing :0)

(those are great pixes - especially considering that you were in motion and shooting through glass)

Deb said...

Yikes! That drive is like being on a roller coaster. My youngest son used to say hills like that "tickled" his belly when you pitched over them. I can just imagine pitching over that hill and feeling that in my stomach! The scenery is really beautiful and NY is a beautiful state. I was fortunate to visit quite often when I lived in VT.

Jan said...

That is a fantastic road and it does give me a great picture of your state that I've never had before. I drive mostly on a freeway, flat and boring as it sounds.

Anonymous said...

Your part of the state is breathtaking! Photos are still good even with the windshield. I think it is the photographer as much as the camera!

Anonymous said...

3C, your rollers are worse than any roller coaster I have ever had the blistering fear to get on. And you drive this??
The views are pretty incredible, and I'm glad you are seeing Spring. 'sabout time, isn't it?

threecollie said...

Mrs. W...I hear you on the cold feet. We were without heat completely for about three hours yesterday and it was AWFUL!

Cathy, foothills of the Catskills I guess. I love 'em despite the deer. Thanks for your kind words

Deb, we used to love hills like that when we rode with my Grandpa. He always hit them just right.

Jan, wish I didn't have to make the drive every day, but it is very beautiful. There are more places of great beauty that I missed yesterday due to traffic. If Liz drives me down I again I will try for them...and thanks

Nita, it is really kind of you to say that, but the camera sure does make a difference!

Steve, it is still cold, but the birds sure aren't letting it slow them down. I can't say I have ever seen anything like this year. So many around!

R.Powers said...

Feels like Pennsylvania to me.
And I agree with Cathy, those are mountains.

Highest point in FL is about 350ish feet.