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Friday, June 13, 2008

Chicken bomb

I can NOT believe this.
One question comes to mind.


Deb said...

I received a note in my mailbox today from the postal service today - reminding us what pipebombs look like and what to do if we find one. Finding them is becoming more frequent all over the country.
What is wrong with these people? You can't tell me that they do not have anything better to do than something that could mutilate or kill someone.
Believe me, I could put them to work and they would be too tired to get in trouble by the end of the day!
It makes me terribly sad. I'd be the that would get arrested for cruel and inhumane treatment.

threecollie said...

Hi Deb, that is so scary. Years ago the boss was on our school board when the nationally famous bottle bombers...the first bunch...were blowing things up here. Because he took a hard line stance that they should not be permitted to play football after being arrested for it, our mailbox met the same fate. It was a big rural mailbox one day and some scrap metal the next. We laugh over it now, but it wasn't all that funny at the time.

R.Powers said...

Now that is weird.

Freste said...

Because like the commercial says, "parts is parts".

Yeah Three, I agree that there's a whole new line of thinking out there, which I admit I don't completely grasp. Kinda makes you stand with your hands on your hips and wanna yell wtf or something like that. (oops, can I say that here?)

threecollie said...

FC, yeah, the whole thing is puzzling, but the chicken moves it right into the realm of the bizarre.

Steve, yeah, you can say that here. Things have gone all crazy and wrong. I grew up in a small peaceful rural town. Now there are killings all around us. Just the other day a mutant idiot shot a ten year old girl playing on her front porch. Same town...whole nother world.

cocked and loaded said...

Thats not surprising in this day
and age.

threecollie said...

C&L, thanks for visiting and for taking time to comment. It certainly goes to show that no matter what gun laws they write, people will still find ways to maim and kill.

cocked and loaded said...

Larry the "cable guy" says, if they
can blame guns for killing people,
then I can blame my pencil for
misspelled words.

threecollie said...

c&l, that is hilarious! And so true! That is one I hadn't heard before. Thanks