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Friday, May 22, 2009

Bump on a Limb

I was weeding.

The oriole was singing.
Right over my head.
He flew away, but I looked up anyhow.
And there was this little thing, still as if it were a bump on the limb.
It never moved even the tiniest bit.
Until its folks came back.
Lotsa baby robins this week!


Ed said...

Very cute, the Bluebirds have hatched at mom's place and they caught one checking them out yesterday on the hill.. :-)

June said...

You have baby birds already????

I need to go check the bluebird box again. Tomorrow morning, with camera!

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

cute baby bird! daddy cat killed a baby starling the other day and left it for me in the barn. his first gift for his mama.

Anonymous said...

Poor chick sorta looks a bit bumpish. We haven't got any fledglings quite yet but soon I hope.

threecollie said...

Ed, no bluebirds here yet...maybe soon

June, I loved your egg pics the other day!

KK, how incredibly generous of him to share his chow with you! lol
Our Wild Thing cat thinks we should be grateful when she brings us similar delights.

Linda, he sat so very still! It was amazing. I would never even have seen him if the oriole hadn't called him to my attention.

Unknown said...

We had a baby Cardinal in a nest in our garage. Have seen the mother and father but not the baby for about a week. Maybe the cat next door got him?

threecollie said...

Tim, what a shame! I hope not. There are a lot of little robins around just now. Alan and I saw one up the ladder we bar the door to the shed with yesterday. He was such a little spotted guy at first we thought he might be a wood thrush, but then his folks showed up. lol