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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Please Go

And offer whatever kind words you can find to my good Internet friend, Jeffro. He is one of the nicest guys you can find on the web. He lost everything he had yesterday. I feel bad about complaining about our bad day, which pales to nothingness in comparison.

From NY to Kansas there isn't much I can offer but thoughts and prayers, but they are certainly going forth.


Terry and Linda said...

HORRIBLE!!!! Horrible!


Cathy said...

Honestly. Things seem so dark lately. My uncle and family have been chased from their homes in Colorado Springs. My sis in Florida has been facing high winds and surf in her 1930's home on St Pete Beach.

Then there's the political scene.

My heart goes out to Jeffro.

threecollie said...

Linda, I feel so bad for him

Cathy, you are so right. So many of my dearest friends are filled with grim apprehension...and are not even sure exactly why. And I feel terrible for Jeffro. Hope things turn out all right for all of your family.

Jeffro said...

Thanks, Marianne. Means a ton to me....

threecollie said...

Jeff, we thought...and talked....of you a lot yesterday. This is such a terrible thing. If there is some way we can help, please just let us know.