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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The weekend was long and crazy. Nothing to indicate the week will be any less so. it's only Tuesday but it feels like next Monday.

The collage above is just a few skies and dramatic trees from recent storm and sun cycles. Today it is barely out of the fifties and kind of cloudy. Boss went out to mow hay. He wanted to bale what he missed over the weekend, but it is most likely a bit too damp.

He managed to find me some boxes of Sure Jell and got me some more sugar, but alas, the strawberries are gone for the season. I told him to bring me home any other berries he could find!

There is much I could tell you about wallets and cell phones and big city life, but I have whined enough over the past couple of days. Suffice to say better days are coming...it says here in fine print.

At least the Farm Side is roughed out and ready for the final proof reading, which will probably take place tomorrow morning, though I wanted to finish today. My head is just spinning with percents and mix ups from this story. I hope, if you happen to click the link to read it, that you will pat yourself on the back for your evidently unshared wisdom. You know better than 40%. I know you do.


Caroline said...

You want to trade for our 103? I would gladly have your 50s! Keeping a good thought for you.

Mappy said...

Wish I could have helped but I was already at work almost when he called. Fed him steak tonight !!!! All is well !!!!
Love you !!!

Linda said...

We've had one of those days around here today too. Tomorrow will be better. We did manage to get a half inch of much needed rain though.

threecollie said...

Caroline, no thanks, although thank you for offering. I hate the heat...or at least that much heat. Don't really mind the fifties

Mappy, you guys have been a God send to him and to us. Thanks
Love you too

Linda, well, I hope things smooth out for both of us. I don't you how you folks do all you do!

Cathy said...

PS. I read that story. Honestly. I simply refuse to believe that our fellow humans are THAT STUPID !!!!!

On the other hand . . . Look at the people we put into office.

threecollie said...

Cathy, it sure was mind boggling! And you have a point