Saturday, July 06, 2013

Post June Declaration

Fireflies ride their tilt-o-whirl

Round and round the yard they swirl

Ghost dog clatters in his kennel, tail all thump and claws all rattle.

He's not there; I know he's gone

But I hear him still when night comes down.

Lightning flash and fireworks crash

Gardens bloom across the sky

And crickets sing, "Hey, it's July.

June is gone, let's say goodbye"


Cathy Monroe said...

Very nice.

lisa said...

Nicely said!

A. Montgomery said...

Your father and I agree we have one very talented daughter! Love your poetry. But then, your life is poetry, it just doesn't always rhyme.
Love Mom and Dad

Cathy said...

A poet's heart distills in a few lines . . a season, a lost friend, a lifetime of observation.
And they can break your heart a little - even as they delight the mind's eye.

Well done.

threecollie said...

Cathy M, thank you so much.

Lisa, thanks!

Mom, thank you. Coming from you it mean a lot. Love you!

Cathy,thanks, one of my favorite things is when the words just pop right up, no need for thinking about it, just bam. Fun