Friday, September 27, 2013

Farm Wife Blues

Stumbled via a Facebook friend on a powerful, outstanding post by a young farm wife discouraged by the outrageous attacks it has become fashionable to toss at farmers.

Farming is hard. We do it because we love it not because we can retire at 44 to standing ovations and tears around the world.

It would be nice if instead of calling us rich, greedy, polluters, out to harm animals and wreck the environment, people realized that cities damage the planet much more than farms, and even minimum wage workers often take home more actual pay than we do....I frequently rely on my check from the paper for groceries.

This young lady's poignant lament is very moving.


Dani said...

So sad

Caryl said...

Yes, the attacks are outrageous. Also ignorant, stupid, uninformed. As an agricultural journalist I am constantly appalled. I guess people don't realize they have to have food to live and without farmers they'd be out hunting it and growing it for themselves like their ancestors did. I also know, because of having been a beef producer and because of my job, how well farmers take care of the land and the environment.

CDH said...

Here here! The attacks are ignorant and rude. How would they feel if we threw it back in their face. Or better yet. Quit providing this country with food?
You cant build anymore land.

Rev. Paul said...

I've encountered those who think that groceries are manufactured. The ignorance of the average consumer is jaw-dropping.

Terry and Linda said...

Well said, Threecollie!!! Well, said. We are often slapped about the face with the word CORPORATE. Which, of course, we aren't, never were, and never will be.


lisa said...

That was wonderful and as I commented on her blog, I think that it should be posted on every major paper in the world. I think you should ask her permission to put that in your next paper article.

threecollie said...

Dani, she did an excellent job of documenting the anguish of loss and the worse misery of getting bashed day in and day out.

Caryl, I wonder how we can show people who have no land and never will what it is to love it, to have roots that go back generations, to be willing to sacrifice to continue to live on and with it. I just don't know...

CDH, exactly right. They stopped making it!

Rev. Paul, scary! And I simply have no idea how to change it. Been agvocating for nearly two decades. Not sure it has made one crumb of difference.

Linda, and many farms that are corporations are only using it to protect family assets and share responsibility....a way for family partners to work together, or multi-generation farms to do so etc.

Lisa, boy, you said it!

Wife of the Farmer said...

Thank you for sharing this on your blog! Much appreciated! I am looking in having it published in our local paper. I am totally OK with anyone sharing it with whoever they want! Thank you!!!!

Cathy said...

It's heartbreaking.
And your words state it - powerfully:

"We do it because we love it not because we can retire at 44 to standing ovations and tears around the world."

threecollie said...

Wife of the Farmer, you did a great job of saying what so many of us think.

Cathy, something seemed out of balance about that particular event. So much hoopla for a guy who got paid a ridiculous amount of money to play a game, then retired rich and young.

mississippimilk said...

Thank you for your thoughts and comments. We have spent a lot of time this past month trying to learn about what small dairy farmers are up against ... And appreciating all those farmers who do what they do!
For the uplifting side... We made a short film about a wonderful working family dairy in the state of Mississippi.