Sunday, May 13, 2018


Modern day pony express, hurrying home with his lunch one day 

Yesterday...too busy to post.....After an unforgettable sunrise, it is dismally dripping today, dimming delights and dulling dreams. 

Dang it.

However, that has not stopped farmers around the area from doing what they do. We saw an English farmer we know plowing a corn field much to our surprise. Not really the weather for it, but I guess when you get to a certainly level of really big, you gotta go no matter what.

Oh, the irony. The boy driving this hitch couldn't have been more than 12....

And then there were the Amish. One young boy was driving a spirited pair, a pinto and a chestnut, on a wooded seeder that had seen better days. I wondered whether it was going to plug on him with all the water falling on it.

Another young couple was building fence along the road. While the young man stretched page wire, a young lady held a post in the crook of her elbow, leaning back with all her might to keep it in place.

She looked miserable, but resigned, and raised a hand dispiritedly to wave at us as we rumbled by. Didn't look like much fun.

This all served to make me happy to be mostly retired, and to make watering indoor plants and garden starts seem downright glamorous.

A little sunshine to brighten any day


Cathy said...

Cutest little sunrise I've ever seen :)

Terry and Linda said...

I like being mostly retired also. That little sweetheart is sure growing fast!

lisa said...

She sure is looking more more like Liz!

threecollie said...

Cathy, she's a pip!

Linda, it's like being a kid again. Chores and all, but lots of time to learn and explore and play with stuff. lol

Lisa, she sure does!