Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tissue Tornado on aisle 10

What is it with colds these days? Used to be you had a stuffy nose, maybe a cough, and although you were sick you could function, as long as there was plenty of Kleenex...albeit at a low level of effectiveness and all.

This cold. No. Oh, my, God. Just no. A volcanic vortex of fever, complete with fever least I found myself at the edge of the ocean, looking out at the waves......No balance, no strength, got nuttin', no can do.

Other people cared for my dogs and I missed two whole days of spring, including storms, which appear to have dumped my geraniums all over the porch...not up to fixing that yet.

While ill, I managed to fall, far, far, behind in the race to see the most birds in the county....alas.....I did however, manage a short bird list early in the morning before I succumbed to my chair and the ginger ale.....500 consecutive days of listing, as of yesterday. Go me.

Upland Sandpipers, my Mother's Day gift from the Grasslands

Today, well, I'm up, and that is worth something I guess. Most of my morning chores were accomplished without incident, and I sure did get a couple of good birds on Mother's Day.


Cathy said...

Good grief, girl! I read this to Keith and he says it sounds more like the flu - running a temp and all.
So glad you're feeling better. Now get out there and bring us some birds :)
(Love your cemetery picture . . . I've got a thing about good pictures taken therein)

WendyFromNY said...

Sounds positively wretched! Glad you are on the mend...

A. Montgomery said...

Hope you are well soon daughter. Sorry you had a relapse. Love Mom

Terry and Linda said...

Gosh! I hope you get well soon. Spring and Summer colds are the worst. Love your hummingbird photo!

P.S. I LOVE cemeteries. Could spend whole days in them.

threecollie said...

Cathy, we wondered if it might be some brief but violent flu thingie. Three out of six of us got it so far and we were all really sick for about two days. It was actually scary enough that Ralph thought I should go to the hospital, but it subsided into a mild cold by the fourth day. Very weird!

Mom, thanks, doing much better. Love you!

Linda, thanks, thanks, and thanks. I find visiting them interesting as well. We were making arrangements for the interment of Ralph's was so pretty there.