Friday, January 11, 2019


Traffic jam in Upstate NY

So.....I've been called for jury duty here in our home county for next week. I do not "people" well at all and can't begin to tell you my level of dread.

Suffice to say I am in a state of fretting well out of proportion to the real threat here.

But....who among our local friends and neighbors knows what the rules are for taking reading material along? The last time I was called upon e Readers were not invented yet.

However, we had to sit in the nearly empty courtroom for hours waiting for things to happen. I took a "dead tree" (thank you to my favorite author, J. A. Jance, for that term) book along and attempted to read that. Now I read on my NOOKs for the most part.

 I have two. But can I bring one? Will I be allowed to use it? Or must I peruse the stacks upstairs of tomes both recent and ancient (including a good many by the author above) for something to tuck in my purse to engage the frantic gerbils on the tiny wheel in my mind while I sit there filled to overflowing with the panic of proximity?

Thousands want to know. Or at least I do.



Jan said...

I've been on 3 juries and they were all most rewarding.

Bill Harshaw said...

Take your Nook. Your call to jury duty doesn't prohibit it, I gather, so take it.

joated said...

I've seen folks working on lap tops while they wait. Your Nook should be fine. If they give you a problem show them how much larger the print has to be for you to read. Might even get you out of jury duty as you can't see any visual evidence presented. ;-)

Terry and Linda said...

I am soooooooooooooo like you. I would take my kindle!!! Yes I would.

threecollie said...

Jan, I don't want this but I will do what I have to. I am so unsociable....just don't know how to be around people. Ugh.

Bill, I am going to! Thank you!

Joated, I am going to take my better NOOK. It has good books! Thanks

Linda, I am going to take the NOOK. Prolly be too nervous to read but it will be a comfort...I hope