Thursday, January 10, 2019

False Witness

There were at least sixty of these in the yard today. They were devouring fruit and delivering misleading information.


Denny144 said...

There’s a robin that’s been hanging around my yard eating off my crabapples and winterberry hollies. The problem is that where I live in Michigan, we NEVER see robins in the winter, they all migrate south. One of our first signs of spring is seeing that first robin at the end of March. This guy apparently didn’t get the message.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Growing up in Michigan, I NEVER saw a robin before spring. But here in NY, especially along waterways that are open all winter and in areas thick with sumac and bittersweet, I often see whole flocks, not only of robins but also of bluebirds. In springtime, the robins travel solo, defending their nesting territories against all other robins.

threecollie said...

Denny, brave bird! They winter here regularly, although I have seen far fewer so far this winter than is usual. Oddly enough the Blue Jays seem to be gone as well. They migrate to some degree, or at least some of them do, but we haven't seen ONE on the farm so far this year, and only a few out on the roads. Weird.

Jacqueline, we saw a high-flying flock of at least 200 the last week of last year. I have never seen them like that before, in a high, loose cloud a lot like a mixed blackbird flock. These were regular, just flirting from tree to tree looking for goodies.