Friday, January 10, 2020


I was out with Jill, dog number 3, yesterday morning when a sharp crack came from the Northwest. A meteor slashed through the sky and vanished over the Adirondacks.

That'll wake you up in a hurry. Sure spooked poor little Jill.

Another portent?

Coming on the heels of a failure to function on the part of the skid steer, upon which we depend for feeding stock and moving wood, thus keeping us from freezing I was just a tad concerned about  what it might portend.

However, the repair guy that came later fixed the machine right quickly, new tires fixed a hellacious wobble in the front end of the car, which had been worrying us mightily, and we found a cute little robin at Lyker's Pond, first of the year.

Wish you could have heard the ice talking on that little pair of ponds out on Goldman Road. Yowsa! As the boss climbed out of the car, a great pressure crack snapped open right next to him and zipped across to the beaver house. Then when we were walking up the road that forms a sort of dam between the ponds a little wind began to move the whole ice shelf. It ground against the land bridge, boom, boom, boom. Sounded like a ten-thousand pound grouse drumming. 

Coming home from the pond we came across these fellows talking out their plans for clearing brush and trees under the power lines. As we slowly pulled up past them a gigantic military cargo plane roared across the road at barely treetop level, completely filling the view through the windshield. Even though I had the camera right in my hand I missed it completely, so quickly did it speed past. Darned near blew their hardhats off!


Anyhow, I guess the morning excitement was just a bit of something crashing in from space with no rumors or humors attached to it.

Later there was venison stew for supper, with humongous, sweet, carrots from Mary's and some nice little yellow potatoes. A good time was had by all. 


Jan said...

You make my mornings seem so boring, my days too.

Terry and Linda said... life is tame compared to yours. Show us a photo of the new little dog, please