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Monday, May 09, 2022

Out for the Singing


Chestnut-sided Warbler

The sky is a glass of orange juice at the horizon, cold weak tea at the zenith.

There is a singing to the Lord that cannot be ignored.

Hustle the dog back inside with double biscuits for the inconvenience and head back out for the songs.

An Eastern Towhee uncoils a string of notes far more intricate and joyful than the traditional mnemonic "Drink your Tea". It's more like a "drink your cool sweet honey wine at dawn while the sky paints beauty all around" kind of sound.

Warbling Vireo

Two Rose-breasted Grosbeaks chirp round, rich notes at each other, as mellow as Georgia peaches, and sweet as pecan pie.

It's cold out here. The weather guru says 38 degrees, but I think there is ice on the cars. Supposed to hit 70 today but it's gonna take a few hours to get there.

I cannot sleep in. I started getting up stupid early the year Riva Ridge won the Derby. I was not long out of high school and "walking hots" at Saratoga Race Track for the summer.

Green Heron

I had to be there at five, so I had to get up at four to drive to the track. I loved it. There is magic on the backstretch as the sun comes up. Horses galloping or jogging through the mist. Grooms sharing a quick coffee between sets. Grooms buying me coffee because they were nice guys and there were very few girls working there then. I can never forget it. I can also never get over waking up too early.

Milking cows for forty or fifty odd years (some of them very odd) reinforced the tendency. It got into my blood, and in summer I awaken just before four whether I want to or not. 

American Redstart

In some ways it is a pain. There are no cows to milk and no Thoroughbred dragons to guide in circles on the walking ring....just a Jack Russell Terrier making his impatience known, and the cold, dark sky.

I have to be quiet so as not to wake the more normal denizens of our abode. Sometimes a more normal hour would be a pleasant change. At least in winter I can occasionally sleep until five or so.

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

However, in May it all pays off. Even when it's cold, I can go outside for the singing. Here is a recording of the just the American Robin portion of today's singing....You may need headphones to hear it well. The speakers on my computer won't play it...

Pretty soon everybody else will get up and the birds will get quiet, but for now it's a pretty special time of day.

Yellow-throated Vireo


Cathy said...

How I wished I lived close to you. I'd meet you outside for that singing. It's good to be awake at 5:30 to enjoy the dawn chorus.

threecollie said...

Cathy, I would love that! If you ever get back in the area and have an early morning free we can drag out another chair and have a fantastic time!

Terry and Linda said...

Like you, I get up early, early every day...I can't sleep in. (Heck even sleeping during the night is hard now (at my age)) 4:45 every morning, every day of the week all year long. I love to read your descriptions of your life!

threecollie said...

LInda, thank you! I love yours as well.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Ah, that sweet dawn chorus! And the morning light so clear, before the busyness of the workday starts to raise the dust. When I traveled all over Saratoga County for Hospice, I often had the rising sun for company on the road, so what you wrote rang so true for me. I do miss that clarity and silence, but I often am up late working on my blog or editing photos now, so dawn comes too soon after my head hits the pillow. But your marvelous description has reminded me I should reset my inner clock. Beautiful!

threecollie said...

Jacqueline, thank you for your kind words. I am useless at night, so it's a good thing I do mornings. lol

aurora said...

Great photos & descriptions! You share so many I've never even heard of, let alone seen in person.

It is such a great time to enjoy our bird friends. The variety of birds migrating, colors, songs and bird activity is amazing!!

threecollie said...

Aurora, thank you! I am enjoying Big Day today, trying to see as many species as I can...while still babysitting twice. lol. Missed a hen turkey on the bird feeder by about five minutes. Daughter saw it when she came home from work.

Shirley said...

I'm an early bird too- I love this time of year when the dawn choir starts before the crack of dawn. Best part of the day.

threecollie said...

Shirley, same here. I am pretty useless by late afternoon, but I love those early mornings