Friday, September 11, 2015

Never Forget

Carl DiFranco

Always Remember

The World Trade Center

Little Things


The Little Blue Shirt

I don't suppose this day will ever pass unmarked here. Memories of these terrorist attacks  are etched in acid in all our brains. 

The people we lost. 

Innocence lost. 

So very much lost.

Repairs that are still ongoing and often involve family members.

This is a great nation. I firmly believe that we are among the most generous people in the world, but the World Trade Center attacks shattered more than the foundations of New York City.

They injured us all, in ways that may never be healed.

I was awakened not too long before midnight last night by the ringing of the portable phone, which I cart upstairs whenever my boy is on the road. He and my brother are both working in the City right now, so today has a bunch of extra worries for me....

I clawed up out of restless sleep and fumbled in terror....that is what terrorist attacks do...they leave an aftermath of fear even in those not damaged directly. It was was Lifeline calling to tell us that an elderly relative had taken a little tumble, but had been checked out by paramedics and was A-Okay and fine and no worries mate.

It took me a long time to go back to sleep.

Stand strong friends and neighbors...we are all there for each other.


Cathy said...

Wow, TC. Wow. You've said it all.
And yes - that phone call.
For so many reasons - sleep doesn't come easily anymore.

Terry and Linda said...

Well said, My Friend, well said!


Anonymous said...

So beautiful the way you write here....thank you ......and we surely are all here for one another ONE...with God, leading us...forward and onward. Much Love Merri

threecollie said...

Cathy, thanks, it was kind of awful, but I am glad everything turned out okay. Didn't get much sleep last night either, although for a somewhat happier reason. lol

Thanks, Linda,

Merri, thanks