Friday, July 25, 2014

The Waiting Begins


Thanks to some very kind friends we got to keep my older cow, Bama Breeze, rather then sending her when we sold the cows. The auctioneer said that even though she was expecting a calf, she would probably be sold for beef, because she is a three-quartered cow, that is, one of her "faucets" doesn't work right.

You can milk a cow with that problem, just fold over one inflation and milk the other three, and we did and will, but many farmers don't want to take on such a cow.

It was hard to part with any of them, but Bama has always been a big favorite of those of us who milked her...mostly me and Becky. However, our friends made it possible for us to keep her, for which we are most grateful.

She is, as far as we know, due to calve the 28th. Last night she was bagged up tight and this morning the cows didn't come down, even to the gate, near which they usually sleep after they are done grazing.

Liz, being brave, as she isn't used to it, took Jade's four-wheeler up to find them.

They were okay, and she brought them in, but Bama looks as if she may calve today. Thus we decided to keep them in the barnyard where they are easily accessible if help is needed and we put our beef heifer, Cinnamon, in a stall in the barn. Her favorite pastime is abusing poor old Bama and it wouldn't be good if she was butting her and shoving her around while she is having her calf.

So today we wait. And check. Maybe tonight too. Maybe all next week. You never know with a cow and they just won't tell you.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Ugh, same here only I think I have days to wait. Fingers crossed for an easy birth, for her and her caretakers!

Terry and Linda said...

I always like to have them close to me at this point in time...for all those reasons that you sited!


lisa said...

Sure hope everything goes well for her!

Cathy said...

Awww . . . hope things go ok for Bama.
(3/4's cow . . . I learn sumthin' every day ;)

threecollie said...

Nita, not my favorite time for sure. The minute you turn your attention to something else after days of careful watching, they will get themselves into trouble for sure

Linda, same here. We were going to let them go back on the hill to graze today...somewhat reluctantly...but they actually wanted to stay in the barnyard so we let them

Lisa, thanks!

Cathy, thanks, we are hoping. She is an old sweetheart.